Privacy policies represent the data collection methods and the type of information collected. Recorded and used while accessing the service.

Accept and adhere to the policies

Recommend you to accept and adhere to these policies, understand it and proceed to access the website or use the services offered

How do we gather this information?

Data collection methods are many and we contact our customers via email, Phone calls or chat options. Share your data to our customer support executives and you will be intimated if there is any requirement

What are the documents that we collect?

Personal information such as Name, Email ID and password, device reports, error reports and user location is always required

Plan orders and service plans

Plan orders and service plans are collected and used to activate the service and customers will be communicated via email if any requirements arise. Will consider plans that are authorized and valid

Device reports will have the features and specifications of device and error report is all about the reason and cause of the error


Not to mention, we maintain the documents collected confidential. We will not share the data with third-party organization, judicial authorities, unless there is a requirement. Prior consent and approval of customers will be considered

Cookies are used by our website as enabling the settings will help to improve the website traffic. Also used to download the required documents from the web page

Suggest you to read and understand the policies visiting our web page. Any services or policies that are blocked or banned cannot be accessed further