Introduction about HP Printer Driver

It is important to download printer driver or printer software for your printer, as it acts as the translator between your computer and printer. The HP Printer Driver Download and Installation is quite easy. Visit the HP website and search the appropriate driver that is compatible with your system’s OS and perform the download and installation of the driver.

Methods To Download and Install the HP Printer Drivers

There are many methods to perform the HP Printer Driver Download and Installation for your printer. They are as follows:

Download the driver with CD

Download with CD

Download the Driver Using USB cables

Using USB cables

Download Driver Without using USB cables

Without using USB cables

Download the HP Printer Drivers with CD

You can perform the HP Printer Driver Download and Installation that is necessary for your printer with the help of a CD. Follow the below instructions carefully.

  • To start with, insert the appropriate CD into the CD ROM.
  • Nextly, you will have to run the autorun file to start the setup process.

Note: Follow the steps or instructions that appears on the wizard screen

  • Click next.
  • Make sure that you do not change any of the default settings on the wizard.
  • To get better performance from the printer, it is essential to use the recommended settings.

Download HP Printer Drivers Using USB Cable[ FOR WINDOWS ]

The second option is to perform the HP Printer Driver Download and Installation without using the CD. You can perform the download successfully by using USB cables. Refer and follow the below-given steps carefully.

  • Make sure that you have a proper USB cable to connect your printer to the system. Now, plug in the printer’s USB cable into your system and the other end to your printer.
  • Turn ON your printer. A prompt will appear stating to begin the printer installation. Now, click the start menu. Search for the printers and scanners option.
  • After it appears on the menu, click it. Now under the printer’s and scanners, click the Add a printer or scanner option. Then choose your appropriate printer name from the list.
  • You will now see the printer’s installation window. If you don’t find your printer’s name then click the printer I want isn’t listed link. Nextly, click the search option and follow the on-screen instructions carefully. The download of the printer software will begin now.
  • After the download is complete, perform the installation of the printer software. Your printer is ready to use now. If you lack a USB cable for your printer, then make the necessary arrangements to get a cable. If there is no USB cable available for your printer model then try installing the printer software manually for your printer.

Procedure To Download Printer Driver USing USB Cable[FOR MAC]

  • To start with, ensure that your printer model is compatible with Mac OS. Then make sure that the printer is near your system. This is because the USB cables that you use to connect your printer and Mac are usually short in length.
  • In addition, ensure that you have a USB adapter. Modern Mac computers lack traditional USB ports. Instead, they have USB – C ports. Having a USB to USB – C adapter from Apple is essential to connect the USB cable to your Mac system.
  • Now, plug-in the USB cable of your printer into your system. Turn ON your printer. Nextly, click the install option. Now your Mac will detect your printer.
  • If you have never installed the printer on your Mac system, an updation is necessary. It will prompt to update. Finally, perform the installation of the latest printer software and drivers on your Mac system.

After the HP Printer Driver Download and Installation is over, you will be able to use the printer.

Procedure To Download HP Drivers Without Using USB Cables

If you are in a need to perform HP Printer Driver Download and Installation without using USB cables, then proceed with the following instructions.

  • To start with, visit the HP website. Nextly, click the printers tab and search for your printer model. Now, a list of available drivers will appear on the screen. Choose the latest driver that is compatible with your device.
  • Click the download link or download option that is present near the driver. The download of the printer software will begin now. Wait for a few minutes, so that the printer’s software download gets completed.
  • If you are using Windows operating system then unzip the driver folder. Double-click the folder. Nextly, double-tap the setup file. Then click OK. Now, you will have to choose a location to save the driver.
  • Finally, click the extract here. If you are a Mac user then double click the driver folder to open. The Windows users must double click the.EXE file present in the unzipped folder. On the other hand, Mac users can double-tap the setup file to start running it.

Steps To Download HP Printer Driver for Windows

You can use the built-in printer driver if you are using Windows OS.

  • To start with, set your system to automatically download the printer software. Then go to settings. Nextly, choose the change device installation option.
  • Now click yes in the prompt. Finally, click save changes. Then connect your corresponding printer to your system by choosing any one of the following methods :
  • Use the USB connection Via Wireless connection. You can also use the Ethernet cables. Now, perform the driver installation for your printer by using the add a printer wizard.

Instructions To Download HP Printer Driver For Mac OS

The HP Printer Driver Download and Installation for Mac OS is quite easy. Follow the below instructions carefully.

  • To start with, perform the hardware setup of your printer. Then turn ON. Nextly, visit the HP website and type your corresponding printer model depending on your OS version. Now, the HP Easy Start app will begin to download.
  • This will redirect you to the HP Software and driver downloads page. Nextly, perform the installation of the HP Easy Start app. Launch the HP Easy Start app. Choose the connection type you want in the prompt.
  • Then under the install window, ensure whether the HP Scan or HP Easy Scan is selected. Now, a prompt will appear stating to add the printer to the printer queue. Select the name of your printer and click add. Finally, go to the HP installer to complete the installation.

For further assistance on how to perform theHP Printer Driver Download and Installation, contact our customer support team.