Special Features about the HP Sprocket Printer

  • HP Sprocket is Mini portable photo printer
  • Supports the HP Sprocket application
  • This is designed with the Zink printing technology so no ink cartridge is provided with this printer
  • Customize the photos by connecting it with the mobile device
  • battery life – 35 photos per charge

What is Inside the Package?

  • HP Sprocket photo printer
  • Set up card
  • Micro USB cable
  • HP- Zink sticky based photo paper
  • Regulatory sheet

How do I Make the HP Sprocket Printer Setup?


  • Remove the printer from the package
  • Sent back the packing materials to the HP again to stay ECO-friendly they recycle it
  • Then charge the portable printer using the USB cable, that came along with the printer
  • Load the HP-Zink sticky based photo paper
  • Connect the printer to the mobile device using the HP Sprocket app
  • Choose the photos on the mobile and proceed to print

Detailed Steps for the HP Sprocket Printer Setup

Step 1

  • Remove the printer from the package
  • Check that all the components are delivered along with the printer
  • Once you remove the printer, sent the plastic waste to the HP again as they recycle it again to stay ECO-friendly

Step 2

  • Charge your printer using the USB cable that came along with the printer
  • Connect the USB cable to the USB slot found on the printer
  • Plug another end of the USB cable to the power slot on the wall outlet using the adapter
  • Wait until the charging is completed

Step 3

  • Load the HP Sprocket paper that came along with the printer
  • All you need to do is turn off the printer
  • Remove the top cover of the printer
  • Remove the top cover by sliding it from the output slots
  • You can load 10 sheets on the printer
  • Also, load the blueprint quality card on the printer
  • Make sure that you load the blueprint quality card below the sheets and with the bar code facing down
  • Additionally, note that you load the paper sheets as the HP logos facing down

Note: use the blue card until you complete printing to the 10 sheets and after completing the printing of the 10 sheets you can discard it

  • After loading the paper to the printer, again load the top cover to the printer

Step 4

  • For printing connect the printer to the HP socket printer app
  • Then select the photos from your mobile or the tablet
  • Proceed to print the photos

How do I Connect the HP Sprocket Printer to the HP Sprocket App?

Step 1

  • First, install the Sprocket app on your mobile device
  • Power on the printer
  • Enable the blue tooth settings on your mobile device
  • Open the HP Sprocket app add your printer’s name
  • Then proceed with the onscreen instruction

Step 2

There are many method of printing the photo using the portable printer

How do I Print the Saved Photo?

  • Open the HP Sprocket app and move the home page to left or right
  • You can view the list of photos that are stored on your mobile device or the cloud storage
  • Select the photo from the list and tap the print icon

Note: to print the photo from the ios device, you can also use other printing applications. Select the needed photo and share it with the HP Sprocket application and proceed to make the printing

How do I Print a New Photo?

  • Open the HP Sprocket app
  • Then select the camera/reveal icon
  • Swipe left or right to get the camera option
  • Use the camera mode if needed
  • Tap the camera icon to click the picture
  • If needed you can proceed with the editing steps
  • Finally, tap the print icon for printing

How do I Print a Frame from a Video?

  • Open the HP Sprocket app
  • Enter the menu icon
  • Tap the app settings by entering the Sprocket option
  • Open the camera by visiting the home page
  • You will get the video mode by swiping right or left
  • After capturing the video, edit if required and proceed with the printing option

How do I Print using the Photo Booth Mode?

  • Open the HP Sprocket app
  • Tap the camera option
  • Swipe left or right and select the photo booth mode
  • Then click the capture option
  • You can capture four pictures at the short duration of time using this photo booth mode
  • Once these steps are done, you can print the picture

For further details get in touch with our customer support team at 123.hp.com/setup regarding the HP Sprocket printer setup gather the tips and tricks from our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

what should I do to reset my Sprocket printer?

Turn on the printer and view the reset option near the charging port and insert the pin on the port. Once done your printer will turn off for resetting. Again you can turn on the printer for printing

what are the ways to improve the printing quality?

  • Always use the HP Sprocket photo paper
  • Meanwhile, clean the paper path rollers

what should I do if my printer turns off?

  • Turn on the printer again
  • Open the HP Sprocket app
  • Enter the menu option
  • Navigate to the printer settings
  • Check whether that the auto-off is enabled
  • If yes then disable it

why I can not connect the printer to my HP Sprocket app?

Check that the Bluetooth is enabled. Then check that the printer is placed within the range of the mobile device