HP Printer and Its Error Codes

  • The HP Printer always comes with new features like quality printing, advanced and latest technology, consists of wired and wireless printers and high-resolution printers
  • Moreover, still, it can raise some issue and errors due to some exterior or interior pressures
  • Here are some HP printers error codes listed, and we will check for its solutions after that

What are the Common HP Printer Error Codes?

The HP Printer error codes are numerous like 13.1, 13.2 that can indicate the paper jam error, error code 20 can remind you about the insufficient memory.

Here are some general tips to fix the common HP Printer issues

  • Firstly, make sure that the HP printer cords connections are correctly made
  • Most importantly, check to clean and align the HP printer ink cartridges
  • And then make sure to install the ink cartridges properly because this can lead to HP Missing or Failed Printhead error
  • Secondly, check for the proper installation of the HP printer software and also make sure if the firewall of your computer is preventing HP from not performing well
  • These are the common errors of HP printer, and more HP Printer error codes are coming up next

List of Error Codes that the HP Printer can Emit

HP Printer Error Codes

HP Printer Error Codes

HP Error Codes 13.XX

What does this indicate?

It means the media is jammed at the desired location. If in case this HP Printer error code persists after cleaning the jammed paper, it can be the sensor that might have been damaged.


  • First of all, to solve this HP printer error code 13.XX, clear the jammed paper from the location that the LCD screen indicates
  • After that make sure of the entire path of the media
  • Moreover, exit the top cover of the HP printer to clear the error message
  • Finally, check for the sensors and flags in the paper path for perfect operation
  • Ensure to remove the paper jam from the input tray, duplexer, etc. to prevent further errors occurring
  • And check whether the HP printer error code XX persists

HP Error Code 20

What does this information about?

The HP Printer error code 20 tells us about the insufficient memory, as the HP Printer data can be more than the available memory.

Solutions for this error code

  • Firstly, uninstall and reinstall the HP printer driver from its site
  • And then make sure to simplify the print job and print manageable segments at a time

Error Code 40

What can Cause this Error?

This can happen when the link between the HP printer and the EIO card in the slot stipulating by the computer.

How to Resolve this Error Code?

  • At first, press the Go button to clear the error message
  • After that, make sure to reseat the EIO Card in the slot corresponding
  • And then, check for the cables and change the network card
  • Finally, download a different HP printer software and make sure that the HP Printer error code 40 X is cleared

Error Code 41.X

What causes error code 41.X?

This is a temporary printing error, and this has simple steps as solutions.

Ways to clear this error message

moreover, reseat the connections to the laser scanner and then to the engine controller board and check whether HP printer error code persists

Error code 50.X

What is the error code 50.X indicating?

This can let you know about the fuser error on the HP printer.

How to resolve this error code?

Firstly, the power of the HP printer and then power it on after 10 minutes

Next, reseat the fuser and try to change the fuser and then check it and also check if the HP Printer error code 50.X persists

Error Code 68.X 

What does this Error Indicate?

This error symbolizes that the printer’s durable storage is full.

How to Face this Issue?

  • Firstly, print the configuration page and then check for the printer settings to check the values
  • Long press the Cancel-Job while powering on the HP printer

Error Code 79

What is the Reason and how to fix this error?

  • Firstly, press the Cancel job to delete the print job from the printer memory
  • After that, power off and power the printer on after some time
  • Next, try to print from a different software application

HP Printer Error Codes 79 & 80

To troubleshoot this error, you need to examine the external I/O devices as it can also be the leading cause of this error.


  • Moreover, try to remove the External I/O devices and check if the HP Printer error code 79& 80 persists.

HP Error Code 30

What does the HP error code 30 inform you?

This error code can tell you about the printer not activated. There can be a problem with drivers.

How to resolve this issue?

  • Firstly, go to the Control panel of the computer and search for your printer and uninstall it
  • Now, find the HP drivers on the computer and remove it
  • After that, delink the HP printer from the computer and link it back
  • Finally, choose the HP printer model and your operating system to download the printer driver from the website

HP Error Code Oxc19a0003

The HP printer error code Oxc19a0003 is all about the ink cartridges issue

How to get solutions?

  • First of all, power off the HP printer and then disconnect it from the electrical outlet
  • Now, this will make the HP printer to realign the ink cartridges
  • And check whether the HP printer error code is cleared or persists

Common Error Codes Faced in HP Printer and their Quick Fixes

  • Common error codes are 13.XX, 20, 13.2, 40.X, Oxc18a003 etc
  • Firstly, make sure of the cable connections of the HP printer
  • After that, try to clean the printer cartridges and realign them
  • Moreover, check the HP printer cartridges are loaded properly
  • Similarly, check the firewall of the computer
  • Finally, reinstall the HP printer driver from its site

You can contact our technical support team at 123.hp.com/setup for further information and clarification and assistance regarding HP printer error codes.