HP Tango Printer

The HP Tango Printer is the first-ever printer with the cloud-based and it is a double way network connection enables you to print, scan and copy from any device from wherever you are

Start with the HP Tango First Time Printer setup

  • The HP Tango printer setup can be done using 123.hp.com/tango
  • Firstly, cut the tape and remove the HP printer from the box
  • Now, the package consists of the ink cartridges, setup poster, reference guide, and the power cable
  • Next, clear off all the packing materials from inside and outside the printer package
  • Again, make sure to set the HP printer on the output tray, by aligning the four corners of the indentations
  • Secondly, link the printer to the power source using the power cables
  • Fix one end of the power cable to the back of the HP Tango printer and the other end to the power outlet
  • Thirdly, load the paper and then install the ink cartridges
  • Start with sliding the paper-width guides to the edges of the input tray
  • Fan a stack of paper and insert into the input tray
  • After that, slowly press the ink door button to release the ink cartridge door and then open the door as it fits in place
  • Moreover, wait for the carriage to become idle and unpack the ink cartridges
  • Install the ink cartridges to its correct slots and wait until it locks in its place
  • Finally, the printer prints the alignment page after installing the ink cartridges
  • Check for the alignment and then proceed with the next step
  • The HP Tango printer setup Wireless can be completed following 123.hp.com/tango

HP Tango Wireless Setup – 123.hp.com/tango

HP Tango Printer Setup - 123.hp.com/tango

HP Tango Printer Setup – 123.hp.com/tango

  • Using 123.hp.com/tango the user can complete the HP Tango Wireless Setup
  • Firstly, download the HP Tango software
  • After that, make sure to close the ink door and long-press the Wireless button and Power button together for 3 seconds
  • And now the HP Tango printer will enter the WPS setup mode
  • Finally, press the WPS button on the router
  • The connection between the printer and the router will establish and the long edge bar will show blue color at the center
  • Thus complete HP Tango Wireless Setup

HP Tango Setup for Windows

  • Firstly, make sure that the computer and the HP printer has the same network access
  • Now, power on the HP Tango printer and the computer device, download and install HP Smart app from Microsoft store
  • At the rear of the printer, long-press the Wireless button for 5 seconds and now the LED starts to flash
  • Secondly, on the computer, launch the HP smart app and then click the printer icon
  • After that, click Set up a New Printer and then click the Continue option
  • And now, there appears a prompt to enter the WEP or WPA key
  • Finally, the HP Tango printer links to the wireless network and then click Exit Setup
  • Thus HP Tango setup for Windows is complete

HP Tango Setup for Mac

  • Firstly, on the Mac device visit, 123.hp.com/tango and enter the HP Tango printer model number and click the Search option
  • And then in the next window, click the Download option
  • Now this downloads the HP Smart app
  • After that, launch the HP Smart app and click Install
  • Provide the administrator password of the Mac and then click the install software option
  • The HP Smart app starts to install and the launches and then click Get Started option
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and now the Tango printer will be detected
  • Secondly, choose Printers& Scanners to access the system preferences
  • Select the + button at the lower corner of the list of printers list
  • And now add this printer (HP Tango printer )
  • Finally, once completing with the installation process, go back to the screen and choose Continue
  • The HP Tango printer driver installs and then HP Tango printer is in the printers list
  • And here ends the HP Tango setup for Mac

HP Tango Driver Download and Installation

  • The HP Tango driver download and installation can be done via 123.hp.com/tango
  • Firstly, visit 123.hp.com/tango to download the driver and this will redirect you to download page
  • Next, choose the operating system that you are using currently and then the version of the OS
  • Read the information and then click the Download button
  • Secondly, a prompt will appear on-screen asking for the location to save the driver file
  • After that, access the downloads folder and double-click the file to run and install the driver

HP Tango Scanner

  • Firstly, download the HP Smart app using 123.hp.com/tango
  • Now, access the HP Smart app and then touch Scan tile
  • After that, load the document on the platen glass
  • Secondly, make sure to keep the device steady and hold the item that you wish to scan
  • Next, touch Manual and then touch Capture icon
  • Thirdly, check whether the boundaries are perfect and the touch Next
  • Finally, once the preview screen, touch Add pages icon and then touch the print option and save the scan

HP Tango Printer Troubleshooting

  • The Tango printer can arise issues like HP Tango not connecting to wifi, HP Tango Offline, paper jam, blinking lights, etc
  • At first, try to restore factory wireless settings
  • Now, at the rear of the HP Tango printer, press the Wireless button for 5 seconds and the LED will start to flash
  • And then again try to connect the HP Tango printer to the wireless network
  • Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor app for your operating system to solve the printer offline issues
  • And downloading of this app can be done through 123.hp.com/tango
  • Secondly, try to clear the paper jams from the input, output and ink cartridges area
  • After that, try to reset the HP Tango printer and check whether the issue persists

Feel free to dial to our technical support team for their assistance at 123.hp.com/setup for further information or queries regarding 123.hp.com/tango.