A Complete Assistance on HP Printer Setup – 123.hp.com/setup

The HP Printer setup is an effortless process that you can complete without any trouble using the 123.hp.com/setup guide. HP Printers are affordable devices that are very simple to use. There are several models of HP Printers available according to your requirements. HP Printers are available for all purposes, be it for a large office or a small home. The HP Printers are reliable and excellent quality printers that you can depend on. Furthermore, HP keeps introducing new printers with amazing and interesting features.

HP Printer Hardware Setup

Before you start the 123.hp.com/setup you have to complete the hardware setup of your HP Printer

  1. The first step is to unbox your HP Printer and place it on a flat surface
  2. Ensure to remove any cardboard present in the ink cartridge area
  3. Thereafter, turn on your HP Printer by connecting the power cord to the printer and lugging it in a wall socket
  4. Carefully remove the ink cartridges after that from their packages and snap them into their respective slots
  5. Now fan a stack of paper and load it into the input tray and open the output tray
  6. Finally, if an alignment page prints,the 123.hp.com/setup hardware process is complete.

123.hp.com/setup Guide for HP Printer Wireless Setup

123.hp.com/setup comprises of wireless setup, software installation and driver downloads. You can connect your HP Printer to a wireless network using any of the following methods.

Automated Setup Wizard

  • First power on your printer and tap on the ‘Wireless’ or ‘Setup’ icon
  • Following this, tap on‘Network’ settings and choose ‘Wireless settings’ or ‘Settings’ depending upon your printer model
  • Next, tap on the ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’ option and the HP Printer scans for the networks available to connect
  • Now scroll through the list of networks shown on your control panel and select your wireless network
  • Finally, connect your HP Printer to the wireless network by using the network key.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Wireless printing can be extremely useful. Most newer printers can connect directly to your wireless network. This will allow you to print to the printer from any computer on your network

  • First, locate the WPS push button on your wireless network router to begin the 123.hp.com/setup process
  • Now press and hold the ‘Wireless’ button on your control panel till the wireless light starts flashing
  • On your control panel tap on ‘Wireless’ or ‘Setup’ icon -> ‘Network’ -> ‘Wireless settings’ or ‘Settings’ -> ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’
  • Finally, hold the WPS button on your router for around 3 seconds till the pairing process begins
  • This should be accomplished within 2 minutes after selecting the Wi-Fi Protected Setup option.


Wi-Fi Setup

Ink Cartridges


Detect Malware

How To Link HP Printer to Wi-Fi Network?

Execute the following steps to link the HP printer to the Wi-Fi Network 

  • At first, you can connect the HP printer to the Wi-Fi network using the Wireless setup wizard
  • Now, you have to turn on the printer
  • Moreover, you have to disconnect any USB and Ethernet cables from your HP printer
  • After that, on the printer control panel, touch the Wireless icon or else you can go to the Network menu
  • Secondly, choose Wireless Settings and touch Wireless Setup Wizard
  • And you need to search for the network and then provide the WEP or WPA Finally, select OK to complete the linking the HP printer to the Wireless network

HP DeskJet Printer

HP Envy Printer

HP OfficeJet Printer

HP Printer Driver Download and Installation

If you wish to process the steps for the HP Printer Driver Download and Installation, depending upon the operating system, you can download and install the driver to your printer. If you keep, your printer is outdated of the driver. It may cause the troubleshooting issue on the printer. So always download and update the latest and compatible drivers to the printer. There are two methods for driver installation. One is the CD method, and the other is the online method. To use the CD method, it is not always recommended. But in case of the online method, you can even download the latest software to your printer. The only mandatory thing which you need to check on the online method is whether the driver is downloaded from the registered site to avoid the troubleshooting issue on the printer

Troubleshooting HP Printer Setup Issues

123.hp.com/setup is an easy process, however, sometimes you might encounter some small issues that you can resolve easily

HP Print & Scan Doctor

  • Download the software from the manufacturer’s website to quickly identify printer issues and troubleshoot them.
  • Furthermore, this software also detects any hidden malware in your computer and gets rid of them.


  • Not all printers may print an alignment page. Automated setup is only available for printers with a touchscreen panel
  • Wi-Fi protected setup can only be used if your wireless router supports WPS method. HP does not charge for driver installation

HP Printer Connection issues

If you experience network issues while performing your wireless 123.hp.com/setup follow the steps given to address them

Re-install the HP Printer Software

  1. Open the Control Panel on the Windows computer
  2. Following this, click on ‘Programs’ -> ‘Programs and Features’
  3. Subsequently, find your HP Printer software and uninstall it
  4. After that, navigate to support.hp.com to download the latest software for your HP Printer and install it

Troubleshoot the printer connection

  1. Switch off your printer by disconnecting the power cord
  2. Wait for some time and then reattach the power cord to your HP Printer and turn it on
  3. Subsequently, reconnect the power cord to the wireless router and turn your computer on
  4. Finally, perform the wireless 123.hp.com/setup once again and complete it effectively


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